People forgot that eleanor is a 20-something young adult who isn’t famous and is only in the public eye when she’s with her boyfriend so talking about her private life such as her weight, family etc is intrusive as hell and it is really disgusting to think that people believe they are entitled to know every little detail about her and then make rude comments regarding her personal life


Eleanor and Max shopping at Liberty in London - 17/10


sorry the cropping is bad and the quality is terrible i had to use the cropping tool i downloaded to screenshot it because i do not know how otherwise but if you need other proof you can message me :( i am obviously happy but i feel like i made her angry and i want to shre this bc now we know that she does not want attention on her weight. dont make a scene about these because she said she did not want me to encourage comments

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Anonymous asked: Did Danielle Peazer do anything annoying? I only heard that she liked a picture that says something bad about sophia.

she just annoys me haha xx

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Eleanor shopping in London.

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apparently Eleanor shopping in London x

BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards - 19/10/14